Is There Evidence of UFOs?

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Today there are still skeptic people who are asking the question: Is there evidence of UFOs?We think that the evidence is overwhelming and it’s time to take this phenomenon seriously. The UFO phenomenon is not just a modern occurrence. It has been around throughout the entire human history. From “the UFO alike” stories of the Bible, Enoch’s and Elijah’s UFO encounters and abductions, and the Vedic literatures about “Vimanas” flying space crafts and their modern weapons”, to legends of the Dogon tribe and the depictions of UFO and alien beings in ancient art, there are hundreds of proofs in our past.

The modern “era” of UFO sightings is considered to begin with the Kenneth Arnold’s case, in 1945. He described a group of boomerang-shaped aircrafts that were moving in a similar fashion with saucers skimming across a water surface. This analogy was misinterpreted by the press report which presented the objects as being saucer-shaped and this was the reason why the UFOs started to be called “flying saucers”. While subsequent reports have reported various shapes for UFOs, the name “flying saucers” has spread through press reports and this image was amplified by television and cinema.

In our modern times, scientific reports have gathered ample data and hundreds of thousands cases of UFO sightings and encounters. The first report
on UFO evidence is the report to the Air Force made by the University of Colorado in the year 1968. The project was the first and the largest study ever conducted on the UFO phenomenon, examining evidence accumulated since the year 1947.

Evidence & Phenomenon

In general, the compelling evidence of UFO phenomenon can be classified in the following categories:

  • Mass Sightings
  • Special Types of Sightings
  • Astronaut Sightings
  • Pilot Sightings
  • Water Related Sightings
  • Humanoid Sightings

Physical Evidence:

– Radar Cases

– Electro-Magnetic Effects

– Physical Trace Cases

– Vehicle Interference Cases

– Physiological Effects

– UFO Landings

– Crop Circles

– UFO Crashes & Retrievals

International Cases:

  • UFOs in the United Kingdom
  • UFOs in Australia
  • UFOs in Canada
  • UFOs in Malaysia
  • UFOs in China
  • UFOs in Russia
  • Government UFO Documents
  • Majestic Documents

Govt. & Scientific Studies:

– Condon Report

– Project Blue Book

– Sturrock Panel

– GEPAN / SEPRA (France)

– COMETA Report (France)

– Abduction Phenomenon

Ancient Astronauts:

  • Dogon / Sirius Mystery
  • Vimanas of Ancient India
  • ZechariaSitchin’s studies
  • Erich von Daniken’s studies


If some of the UFO reports can be explained by various hypothesis, there is a solid body of reports that are impossible to be explained in any way. These well documented and spectacular UFO events were witnessed by pilots, investigated officially by government agencies, or confirmed by Air Force radars. They cannot be discharged or explained as ordinary phenomena. Despite the extensive efforts of experts, no conventional explanations have been ever found. For those who are still asking the question “is there evidence of UFOs?”, the answer is simple. There are unidentified flying objects for which there is no explanation, a hard core of cases that cannot be explained in any way by our modern science. The UFO phenomenon is real and intriguing.








Where You Can Report a UFO Sighting

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A UFO or Unidentified Flying Object sighting is quite rare, which is why it should be recorded the moment it is spotted. Most of the people still have the time to locate and fetch their camera after they spot the UFO; However, it is still advisable to act fast on spotting a UFO because these disappear into the distance quickly. The best part of a UFO sighting is that you can record it and report the same to reputable organizations that use such findings for research and academic purpose. Thus, you too can do your bit towards science and education by reporting whatever you can about the UFO that you’ve spotted.

Where you can report a UFO sighting is entirely up to you because there are plenty of organizations and agencies for this purpose. It is up to you as to whether you wish to provide your report to one organization or more. Of course, since such reports are extremely useful for scientific analysis therefore all reliable organizations investigate into the reports they receive in order to find out whether they are genuine and accurate or not. After all, UFO reports that are not investigated are not of any value because they could be false. Some of the well-reputed organizations to which one can make a UFO sighting report are:

– Aerial-phenomeno.org
– Mutual UFO Network
– National UFO Reporting Center
– Sightings Report
– Center for UFO Studies
– Local Law Enforcement Agencies

Simply having the desire to make a report about the UFO sighting you’ve just experienced isn’t enough, you also need to know how to make a proper report so that it would be of use to these organizations and agencies. Most people make the blunder of providing improper information without any supporting pictures or videos with their reports. Ideally, such reports are expected to have details such as:

– The number of witnesses at the time of the sighting
– The critical details such as the date, time, duration and location of the sighting
– The number of UFOs spotted in the sky
– The shape of the spotted UFO(s)
– The motion, behavior and color of the UFO and also its angular size (if possible)
– The angle of observation
– Weather conditions at the time of sighting
– The distance to the UFO

Of course, if you can provide any additional accurate information then you can go ahead and put it down in the report. If you had managed to take pictures or videos of the UFO(s) then it is a real plus because these reiterate whatever is written in the report significantly, thus allowing you to prove your point. Of course, in case of pictures, it is advisable to take a nice and clear picture, which is why it makes sense to hold the camera steady at the time of clicking. This can be done with the help of a tripod for the camera otherwise you can rest the camera on a tree or wall to take a perfectly steady and clear picture which would add much value to your report on UFO sighting.


Details On the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)

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If you are interested in finding out the latest news in regard to UFOs, then you should check out Mutual UFO Network. This is a website designed specifically for people like you.

Unidentified flying object (or UFO) is the generic name given real or apparent flying bodies that can not be identified as a known (natural phenomenon or human creation), or after a special investigation. The term was introduced around 1950. At present we prefer the term “Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena”, as it is not always safe and sometimes it’s an object was made observations of UFOs and the ground, under water, and in outer space. However, the term UFO is too widespread to be removed. The name “Flying Saucer” appeared on 24 June 1947, when businessman Kenneth Arnold, flying alone with personal plane over the mountains of north-western United States, saw him passing by with incredible speed, some “silver objects “which – he said later – Jump and throw saucer that grazing on water surface. The next day the newspapers wrote about “flying saucers”. UFOs are nocturnal lights, daytime objects, radar and radar-visual objects. When a UFO is seen at a distance less than 150 meters, the phenomenon is called “meeting of grade 1″; if being less than 150 meters, leave traces (in soil, on plants, in living beings, the people, equipment, etc.), we speak of a “meeting of 2nd degree”, and usually and “occupiers” is called “Close Encounters of the 3rd”. More recently, an alleged kidnapping of people is called “Close Encounters of the 4th type”.

Often taken as UFOs are natural phenomena: planets, hot rods, stratospheric clouds (especially at dusk), ball lightning, etc. but human creations: aircraft (mainly experimental), helicopters, balloons etc. There are hoaxes. However, for about 5-10% of observations, these explanations are excluded. For this reason it is often presumed association between UFO and alien spacecraft belonging technology, underground civilization or demons. This hypothesis is rejected if we consider the type of “aliens” common in movies and novels SF, which would have traveled with their ships materials through the cosmos to us. Many professionals associated with UFOs civilization but which can not be put on the same plane with us, with an advance of hundreds of millions of years to earthlings. There are also associations with religious phenomena, spiritual, folk etc. that were found common details.

A few of the state sections have their own sites. On MUFON you can find out more about who this organization belongs to, who are the members and how you can help. Additionally, you can investigate more about the UFO events that take place among us, stay up to date with latest news in the domain and even buy your own souvenirs.

Many believe that aliens do not exist, but MUFON is out there to prove they are wrong. See the latest news in regard to UFO sightings, special events, reports and more. If you are willing to become a member or investigator, then you can do that too. MUFON is a place for people like you, interested in the latest UFO news and events.


Does Area 51 Exist?

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The secrecy related to this military base, whose existence is hardly recognized by the US government, gave a high degree of popularity with fans of conspiracy theories and made it a source of inspiration for sci-fi writers. But now declassified information, including photographs, has given the case offers a rare perspective but tormenting the incident.

Area 51 is one of the most secret US military base located near Groom Lake salt lake in Nye County, Nevada, USA.

Area 51, which is about 133 km (or 83 miles) north-northwest of the center of the famous Las Vegas, is a US military base, which is an enclave of the remote Edwards Air Force Base. Located in the center of a large federal land surface on the southern shore of the lake dried salted Groom Lake, Area 51 is a military base air of considerable size. The primary purpose of the database is to initiate and continue experimenting with different types of aircraft, carrier vectors and weapons systems.

History and facts

Area 51 was built between 1940-1950. The landing of the base cover, in fact, the entire surface of the lake was chosen because if an emergency landing at high speed, it is less risky on a dry salt lake, soft surface than on hard concrete track.

Certainty on the existence of Area 51 are quite a few. Since 1954 there had been testing of the most advanced US military technology in that time. It is suspected that they perfected the Lockheed U-2 spy plane (who discovered Soviet nuclear missiles installed in Cuba) and devices such as the famous aircraft the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft which is hardly detectable by radar and the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk among other experimental aircraft. All were tested in secret. From the pictures shown on TerraServer, that, alongside buildings and facilities there and a huge runway / landing, 9 km long.

Area 51 became famous through experiments with atomic bombs, aircraft testing advanced document classification and activity in this area.


It is assumed that there had been testing for many years of a hypersonic reconnaissance aircraft (Mach 6-8) hardly detectable called the Aurora scramjet engines and intercontinental range (successor projects NASP / Copper Canyon, code-named Senior Citizen) at the location. Ufologists believe that this area activates several unidentified aircraft (Oznur) and that incoming and outgoing UFO’s travel with very high speed (10,000 km / h).

Photos are related, in particular, to the collapse of a spy plane, such as the A12, the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird prototype in January 1963. The incident was quickly hushed up by the government as being in the midst of the Cold War, the CIA and NASA did not want the progress and stealth supersonic technology to be discovered, according to a new National Geographic documentary.

Undetectable by radar at that time, the aircraft A-12 can fly at a speed of 3540 km / h – almost three times the speed of sound – and could cross the US in 70 minutes. The cameras ultra-sensitive camera that could capture images was equipped with objects smaller than 1 meter on the ground at a distance of over 27,000 feet.

After nearly 50 years after the event, the National Geographic documentary reveals how a routine flight almost turned into an international incident when the pilot Ken Collins CIA had to catapult the aircraft.

Flying under the code name “Ken Colmar” Collins test subsonic engines of machine A-12 at an altitude of 7600 meters high when the plane dived after that, with the tip pointing towards the sky. The plane crashed near Wendover, Utah, but survived because the pilot parachute. It was “picked” by three people who have offered to carry him to the plane.

But Collins had been instructed to keep civilians away from the crash site of the machine, so they told people to go in the opposite direction, then told them that the plane was carrying nuclear warheads.

Meanwhile, a team of government agents of Area 51 was sent to the crash site to start a cover-up operation. Pieces of fuselage were loaded into boxes and engines were cut into pieces and loaded into vans.

Declassified photos shows how the recovery team had to cover the remains of the aircraft A-12 tilt for Russian spy satellites cannot identify technology. The day could not be seen traces that those were the scene of an accident. Details of the crash were secret for half a century.

Collins said to have been hypnotized and drugged with “truth serum” for US officials to ensure that every detail of correctly reported the incident.


3 Of The Most Famous UFO Sightings That Were Witnessed By Reliable Professionals And Government Officials

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The existence of aliens, is something that has been debated for several decades. Even though many people who believe that the world is continuously visited by extra terrestrials, are dismissed as being crazy, ever since the camera was invented, many people have provided documented prove of UFOs. Here are the most famous UFO sightings, that were witnessed and documented by reliable professionals and government officials.

3) Lubbock Lights

Number 3 on the list is the Lubbock lights sighting of 1951. Back in Texas, on August 25, 1951, law enforcement officials, scrambled to understand, exactly what was going on, as an influx of calls came in, reporting that there was an ominous formation of lights in the sky that formed a V shape. What makes this sighting so unique is that besides the fact that some people, and police patrolmen were able to capture the V shaped formation of approximately 20-30 circular lights, the sighing was also witnessed by two prominent college professors, who based on their calculations, estimated that the UFO was traveling at 600 mph.

2) Battle Of Los Angeles

Many people know about the fact that Battle Of Los Angeles, is a UFO invasion based movie, that portrays an alien invasion on the western coast of the United States. What very few people know though, is that, the director of the movie, used the name of a UFO sighting that occurred during the 1940s, as the title of this movie. Battle of Los Angeles, is a famous UFO sighting that occurred on February 24, 1942. Three months prior to the UFO sighting, the Japanese attacked Pear Harbor. After this attack, many Los Angeles residents, were on the edge and constantly worried about the possibility that the Japanese would bomb the city of Los Angeles next. On the night of February 25, as the U.S. army declared a complete blackout, it seemed as if the residents of Los Angeles, fears were materializing. The blackout occurred due to the fact that there was a UFO hovering above the city. What makes this UFO sighting, so tantalizing is the fact that:

* The 37th Coast Guard Brigade, documented that they fired 1,400 ten pound, anti-aircraft shells at the UFO.
* 3 People died of a heart attack, while watching the UFO.
* 4 people got killed accidentally, from the artillery barrage.
* Military officials and residents alike, proclaimed that they say the UFO take an abundance of direct hits and did not display any signs of damage.

1) Belgium Triangle

Arguably the most credible and most famous UFO sightings in history, took place, during the years of 1989 and 1990. It first started in November of 1989, when 143 people proclaimed that they say a triangular object stalking the skies of Belgium. By April of 1990, over 13,000 people reported that they had seen a similar object. What made this UFO sighting so unique was that:

* NATO spotted the triangular UFO on their radar station as well.
* The Belgium government sent two F-16 fight jets to pursue the UFO.
* The pilots of the fighter jets, proclaimed that they saw the UFO up close and proclaimed that it was unlike anything they had ever seen before.
* The pilots also said that the UFO was accomplishing maneuvers that they considered to be impossible for any known aircraft and that it was able to go from 60 mph to 500 mph and drop for as low as 3,000 feet in less than 3 seconds.


What Happened at Roswell in 1947

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Recently were fulfilled 66 years since Roswell Daily Record published the famous story about the possible capture of a flying object by the US military. Now, a former CIA agent says the Huffington Post that the case was not an invention of the press, but the event truly took place.

One thing is clear: on July 8, 1947, Roswell Daily Record newspaper headline on the front page that a flying saucer had been captured by the US Air Force.

The US Air Force issued the same day, a statement which said that a flying saucer was “captured”, but also photos of soldiers who examined several metal objects that seemed to be broken into pieces crash flying object.

This is where the controversy. In a press conference the same day, then head of the Air Force, Roger Ramey, virtually retracted the story, saying that metal debris were actually remnants of a crashed weather balloon.

Roswell UFO incident. “The General was forced to lie, his wife knew more”

Speculation about what really happened at Roswell UFO incident did not stop until today. George Filer, a reserve officer in the US Air Force, said in an interview with the Huffington Post that, in his view, General Ramey was forced to lie about the Roswell incident.

In addition, Filer said that the wife of General Ramey’s confessed that he is “embarrassed to lie about a weather balloon.” In other words, his wife Ramey knew that something more serious happened at Roswell. Huffington Post writes that the Filer’s statement is “shocking news even for UFO enthusiasts.”

Here’s a speech Filer, about Roswell UFO incident

Filer, who during his career of 20 years and regularly informed superiors about breaches of security of the US, says: “In my opinion, President Truman was in Roswell and decided that it should be kept secret. I think that because I spoke with Ms. Ramey. There never told me anything about aliens, but told me that her husband (No general who made the announcement) is embarrassed and very angry because the need to lie about a weather balloon. ”

In addition, Filer says Ramey became very good friends with President Truman. “My question is how is a one-star general (no lower rank) friend of US president?” Concludes Filer.

Science fiction about the Roswell UFO incident Stalin sent US mutilated children to scare Americans

Although for many people reserve officer disclosures about the Roswell UFO incident may seem shocking, they do not capture the nuclear physicist Staton Friedman. He is the first person without any management position who investigated the incident at Roswell and said to be “overwhelming evidence” that aliens have visited us then.

Both Filer and Friedman – soldier and scientist – argue that crashed at Roswell UFO and aliens visit our planet often, but very few people have access to such information.

“Perhaps we are visited by thousands of years of creatures from other planets. They have a technology far superior to the one we have. Although we like to think that we are more primitive in comparison with aliens. From my point of view there are many civilizations in the universe and the human is not very significant, “says Friedman.

The controversy does not stop there. American journalist Annie Jacobsen claims in a book called “A History uncensored secret base US No. 1″, the “UFO” of Roswell was actually a “farce” staged by Stalin and the Nazi scientist Josef Mengele. The hypothesis hallucinating, Stalin and Mengele sent US mutilated children to look like aliens and scare Americans.

ROSWELL UFO INCIDENT: “There was not a weather balloon was exactly what was said in the newspaper,” says Chase Brandon, a man who spent 35 years in the CIA. “It was an aircraft that could certainly not of this world,” he adds.

Brandon has performed missions to combat international terrorism and to stop drug trafficking and weapons for 25 years. Then 10 years in CIA office meant a lot of work in a management position. In the mid 90s, could read documents from the so-called “Historical Intelligence Collection”, a collection of documents collected by US intelligence agencies over time.

“Few had access to these collections,” says Brandon. “One day, I looked at the words written on the boxes there. And I drew attention to one of the boxes, which read a SINGLE word: Roswell. I took the box, opened it, looked over documents and reports and I said, “Lord, even happened.” the box contains handwritten reports, and photos. I will reveal more about the contents to anyone that case, “said Brandon.

Although the US military has denied the capture of a UFO and lifting bodies, an American researcher, Stanton T. Friedman, gathered ample evidence to support the allegations in the newspaper.

The Roswell UFO incident allegedly recovered extraterrestrial debris, including foreign bodies from an unidentified object that crashed near Roswell, Chaves County headquarters, New Mexico, USA, in June or July 1947. The in the late 1970s, the incident was the subject of intense controversy and the subject of conspiracy theories about the true nature of the object that crashed.

United States Army, United States Army, says that what happened was just a balloon debris recovery of experimental high-altitude surveillance belonging to a program called Mogul classified; However, many supporters of UFOs say that, in fact, an alien spaceship crashed and several bodies were recovered and then began a military cover-up operation. The incident turned into a phenomenon well known in popular culture, making the name Roswell synonymous with UFOs. It is the first place as one of the most publicized and controversial incidents of alleged UFO.


USWeb CEO, Joe Firmage, Quits job due to his UFO visions

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Joe Firmage does not appear insane. His words don’t reverberate like the announcements of an extremist yet rather are conveyed in a controlled, intentional, meeting room design. They sound like the expressions of a man who was structuring a technique for building Web locales one day – and framing a method for a techno-otherworldly advancement the following. Some way or another, Firmage’s way makes the movement appear regular.

Joseph P. Firmage, 44, established Usweb, a main Internet counseling firm, in 1995. Like his past wanders, the organization succeeded fiercely. For monetary 1998, Usweb posted income of $228 million – a 100% increment over the earlier year.

Amid that year of extraordinary development, Joe Firmage was working two jobs – dealing with the Kairos Project, a Web website and book (due this late spring) about human advancement and extraterrestrials.

Word got out. In January, Firmage posted his 700-page declaration, called “The Truth”, which brings out both Star Trek and the New Testament. In the statement, Firmage declares that extraterrestrials have gone to us, as well as have affected our innovative improvement.

A couple of days after the fact, he resigned…

So would he say he is a “maniac,” as Usweb/CKS (the organizations blended in the blink of an eye before Firmage left) board part Gary Reischel as of late proclaimed him, summing up what he’d got notification from associates and speculators? Alternately would he say he is a nonconformist business visionary with irritating thoughts who is paying with his validity for the quality of his feelings?

Calm and certainty

Joe Firmage does not resemble a man who’s used 3 million of his own dollars inquiring about extraterrestrials. In tony Los Gatos, Calif., in a lounge room just about excessively little for its rich furniture, he talks without thrive, with pregnant stops and managed eye-flickers as much as with striking words. He wears a circumspectly trimmed facial hair and is dressed coolly, according to the uniform of Silicon Valley administrators (counting compulsory phone, which occasionally intrudes on a meeting). Out front in the garage, a cardboard Jesus dangles from the rearview mirror of his Corvette.

Firmage is both shrewd and real about all the consideration the world is paying him. “I’ve been exceptionally open to the media for a long time now in a business connection,” he says, yet “I’ve given no one motivation to scrutinize my rational soundness until six months back. I’m simply beginning to get the PR structure to manage the media.”

When he initially distributed his declaration, the news stories inclined to unsurprising chuckling, yet Firmage says he trusts “its starting to move in the privilege bearing. Moving Stone is doing a decent piece on us. Time’s as of now done something.

How can he anticipate that those TV meetings will go? “Everything can and will be utilized against me,” he chuckles.

Early achiever

Firmage was brought up in Salt Lake City, where his family fit in with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (“It’s an extremely infinite thing,” he says of the Mormon church). In the wake of completing secondary school in an insignificant two years, a grant in physical science headed him to the University of Utah. Firmage left school in 1989 after his sophomore year to structure his first wander: Serius, which started as a Macintosh program for his mother’s welcome card business and rapidly developed into a database programming organization. Result? “Inside six months,” Firmage says, Serius “shut $7 million” in income.

In 1993, Firmage sold the organization to Novell Inc. for $24 million and a bad habit administration. In 1995, he cleared out to establish Usweb.

As per Novell advertising administrator Jonathan Cohen, the organization considered Firmage an “esteemed contributor…. We wouldn’t remark on his convictions or social exercises.”

The genuine deal

“I am persuaded that the UFO wonder is totally real,” Firmage says. “I have sat over the table from individuals whose validity is blameless.” People who have portrayed to him in incredible point of interest their encounters as outsider abductees, he says. Asked to specify names, he answers, “I can’t.”

The social exercises Cohen notice can be followed, Firmage says, to a dream he had early one morning in 1997, right away before Usweb’s first sale of stock. A perplexing figure clad in white floated over his couch, he reviews. The two imparted a concise discussion about space-time travel. At the point when asked by the guest for what good reason he ought to be given the opportunity to go in space, Firmage said, “in light of the fact that I’m eager not to be taken lightly for it.”